Abhimantrit Shriparni Wooden Lotus Singhaasan (Throne) 12 Inch – Made Of ShriParni Wood


Abhimantrit Shriparni Wooden Lotus Singhaasan (Throne) 12 Inch – Made Of ShriParni Wood

11,500.00 7,700.00 inc.GST

  • Material: Shriparni / wood and covered with red velvet cloth on top and bottom.
  • It is perfect for placing Shri-chakra and other beloved god idols.
  • Its a layered structure adorned with golden lotus petal with a rigid round base
  • Amazing designed Singhasan Lotus petals.
  • The Lotus is covered with red color velvet cloth on top and bottom part 
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Product Origin: India

Abhimantrit (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Wooden Lotus Singhaasan (Throne) 12 Inch – Made Of (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Wood

Note – The above Idol is only for showcase; it’s not included. All images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.

(Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood lotus Singhasan, also known as (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood Padma, is a popular and sacred artifact in Hindu spirituality and metaphysical practices. It is crafted from the wood of the (Shriparni\Shreeparni) tree (Sevanthi wood), which is believed to possess mystical and beneficial properties according to traditional beliefs. The lotus flower holds significant symbolism in Hinduism, representing purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth, making the combination of the lotus design with the (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood particularly meaningful. The (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood is considered auspicious and is believed to have the ability to attract positive energies, ward off negative influences, and enhance spiritual vibrations. The artisans who create these wooden lotuses often carve intricate designs and details onto the wood, creating a visually appealing and spiritually charged object. These lotus Singhasans come in various sizes and designs, from small handheld ones to larger decorative pieces. Worship and Meditation: The lotus is a symbol of spiritual purity and growth, making it a suitable object for meditation and worship. Many practitioners use (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood lotus Singhasans as a focal point for meditation, helping them to connect with higher consciousness. Protection and Blessings: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood lotuses are often considered as protective talismans. Placing them in homes or sacred spaces is believed to shield the environment from negative energies and attract blessings. Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment: The combination of the lotus symbol and the revered (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood Singhasan is thought to promote spiritual growth, self-awareness, and enlightenment. Many individuals use these lotuses as reminders of their spiritual journey and aspirations. Gifts and Decor: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood lotus Singhasans also serve as meaningful gifts for loved ones, especially during religious festivals, auspicious occasions, or spiritual milestones. They can also be used as decorative elements in homes, meditation centers, and temples.

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Weight 01.500 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 6 cm
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