Genuine Guru Maha Yantra Original Products..


Genuine Guru Maha Yantra Original Products..

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  • Benefits derived from energized and activated Guru Yantra

  • Adds to your confidence
  • You remain in a strong financial position.
  • You are able to own property, acquire wealth.
  • You imbibe good positive qualities of Jupiter.
  • You can achieve a high level of spirituality.
  • Peace and harmony in the relationship.
  • Works well to have progeny.
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Siddh Guru Maha Yantra 

Siddh Guru Yantra helps you attain wisdom, self-confidence, strong financial condition and an improved level of spiritual quality in your personality. This powerful Jupiter yantra benefits you with auspicious progeny. Moreover, it works well in bestowing harmonious relationship in your marital life. Buy original Guru or Jupiter Yantra online with its benefits and correct puja vidhi at

Planet Jupiter corresponds with this Guru Yantra or Jupiter Yantra or Brihaspati Yantra. It builds kind of positive environment around you. Conflicts are to die down and you enjoy a harmonious relationship. It helps you to acquire knowledge and adds to your wisdom. The business person is to expand his business. Career oriented gets a highly responsible position in a reputed organization. If spiritually inclined, you can achieve a higher level. You remain in strong financial position. The Guru Yantra works well in acquiring property and wealth. Your acceptance level in the social circle is increased. If Jupiter is either weak or not well placed in birth chart/Kundli, this Yantra is must for you. It empowers you with positive qualities of Jupiter. Pavitra Jyotish provides energized and activated Guru Yantra.

Guru yantra is to get blessings of Lord Jupiter for right guidance, prosperity, power, rank, authority, abundance, wealth, and success in business. It also pacifies the malefics of Jupiter planet in a person’s birth chart.

Guru yantra stimulate religious interests and expands knowledge. It bestows success in every sphere of life. It improves relationships with spiritual benefactors. It works as a powerful tool guiding the worshipper at every step.

Brihaspati is the Guru of Devas, personification of piety and religion, the chief offerer of prayers and sacrifices, represented as the Purohita of the gods with whom he intercedes for men. He is the Lord of planet Jupiter. He is often known simply as “Guru”. According to Hindu scriptures, he is the guru of the Devas and the arch-nemesis of Shukracharya, the guru of the Danavas. He is also known Guru, the god of wisdom and eloquence, to whom various works are ascribed, such as the “atheistic” Barhaspatya sutras. Guru is usually depicted with an elephant or chariot drawn by eight horses as his vehicle. He is described of yellow or golden colour and holding a stick, a lotus and his beads. He presides over ‘Guru-var’, Brihaspativar or Thursday. He is of Sattva Guna and represents knowledge and teaching. His Tattva or element is Akasha or ether, and his direction is north-east.

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