Parad Laxmi Ganesh Idol -241 Gram (Lakshmi)


Parad Laxmi Ganesh Idol -241 Gram (Lakshmi)

7,100.007,400.00 inc.GST

  • Simply placing of maa laxmi idol prepared by mercury (Parad) bestows huge wealth and success in business or career.
  • Having a legal dispute, then putting a parad lakshmi ganesha in your home or commercial place helps in getting the case in your favour.
  • Energized parad goddess lakshmi has similar effect as energized parad meru shree yantra.
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Product Origin : India 

Ganesh Idol:- 106

Laxmi Idol:- 135

Pran-Pratishthit Parad Laxmi Ganesh Idol Total 241 Gram Approx  

As per the Vedas, Parad is considered to be the purest and auspicious material in Kaliyug.

Mercury is considered to be the purest amongst the metals and it is also believed to be connected with the Almighty.

Idols of Parad Ganesh , Parad lakshmi are considered very sacred and are believed to give multiple times more benefit than the puja of normal idols.

Parad helps in removing the negative Vaastu energies in any residential or commercial premises

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