Shiv Shaligram Very Rare & Natural 310 Gram 100% Genuine


Shiv Shaligram Very Rare & Natural 310 Gram 100% Genuine

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  • Benefits of Shiv shaligram
  • For immense fame, name and respect in society
  • For high position and status
  • To increases analytical qualities & administrative skills
  • For gaining wealth from speculation
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Product Origin : India

लक्ष्मी नारायण शालिग्राम के फायदे ll विधि विधान जाने llघर मे रखने मात्र से पितृ दोष, वास्तु दोष खत्म

Shiv Shaligram 310 gram

Shiv Shaligram is holy and Powerful stone in universe in Form of Murti(Sila or Statue) so while installing it is not needed more pran pratistha beacause saligram is lord hari himself.Salagram is lord Vishnu pattern like wise Linga is pattern of lord Shiva.Keeping Shiv Shaligram in house is similar and Equals to offering respect to lord vishnu.If we keep Tulsi(Holy Basil) and Saligram together it will not create poverty, money problem ,uhappiness,fearness,illusion in that house .Any Diseases insects will not enter in that home. In Hindu Script ‘Padma Puran’ lord Shiva himself Said that- ” My 1000 Linga worship attains which holy and godly is attained if any one will see(darshan)  single Salagram”.

 Wherever Shiv Shivlingam Shiv Shaligram sila and Dwarka Silas sit together, Mukti also resides .Where both Shiv Shivlingam Shiv Shaligram and Dwarka silas sit together all classes of opulence increase unlimitedly.Whoever touches a saligrama sila, adorned with chakras becomes free from all sins.Both Laxsmi Devi and Lord Narayana reside in Shivlingam Golden  Shaligram silas.Shivlingam Golden Shaligram  gives material enjoyment and mukti. There is residential of Goddess lakshmi,Saraswati,Ganesh and all god in that house where saligram is kept and worshipped.Worship of Salagram stone wash away all sin of past and Present .One will attain Boon of 1000 Cow donation to Brahmin if someone worship saligram in house. Those bless worshipper is always near to lord narayana.Lord vishnu bless with Boon and benefits of Wealth,Good Health,Spirtuality,Good Karma and happiness if someone worshipped saligram daily with Remembering lord vishnu with different name of lord vishnu,Chanting lord vishnu with Various Mantras,offering incense,Diya(pure oil light) Daily etc.

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