Vamana Shaligram 83 Grams


Vamana Shaligram 83 Grams

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Benefits Of Vamana Shaligram

1. Vamana Shaligram provides the auspicious blessings of Vamana Vishnu

2. The mind and soul of devotees are purified by its use.

3. It can help devotees to absolve their sins and move towards a righteous life.

4. Obstacles are removed and devotees can gain professional and personal success in their lives.

5. Helps to seek salvation or Moksha.

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Product Origin : India

Of the ten great incarnations, the fifth one is Vaamana, and the very name indicates One who has a small body. It was in the form of a child that Vaamana approached the divinely righteous Emperor Mahaabali to beg of him a little land, of the length of his tiny three steps-and the Lord measured in His three steps all the three worlds and thus conquered Mahaabali. He checked the rising pride of possession in Bali, hence He, in that incarnation as a Vatu, is called Vaamana. The worshipper of Vamana gets immense strength to fight against all odds, evils and enemies. His enemies do not get any place in the complete “Triloka”. He becomes invincible and take on any challenge which comes on his way and emerge out to be a winner. He gains confidence and wisdom and is respected and recognised in his sphere of work. The worshipper of this Shaligrama is very successful in businesses pertaining to land, and Earthly products like gold, metal, minerals, diamonds and precious gems. The worshipper of Vaman gets immense success without being much noticed. Nothing appears impossible for the worshipper to achieve.The worshipper of Vaman gets immense success without being much noticed. Nothing appears impossible to the worshipper to achieve. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small medium sized cold to touch, has flawless impressions.

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