Abhimantrit Authentic Shriparni Wooden ॐ Om (Aum)


Abhimantrit Authentic Shriparni Wooden ॐ Om (Aum)

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  • Shriparni Wooden Om/Aum (ओ३म् ): A sacred symbol intricately carved from revered Shriparni wood.
  • Shriparni Om/Aum (ओ३म् ): A spiritually significant emblem believed to purify and attract positive energy.
  • Om/Aum (ओ३म् ) in Shriparni: Combines sacred sound and sacred wood for a harmonious spiritual presence.
  • Shriparni Om/Aum (ओ३म् ) Art: Handcrafted from the Indian ironwood tree for a touch of divinity.
  • Om Symbol of Peace: A Shriparni wooden Om radiates tranquility and positive vibrations.
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Product Origin :- India

Abhimantrit Authentic Shriparni Wooden ॐ (om)

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  • Material: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood is typically used for crafting the Om/Aum (ओ३म् ) symbol. It comes from the (Shriparni\Shreeparni) tree (Indian ironwood tree) and is known for its spiritually significant properties.
  • Appearance: The (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wooden Om/Aum is carved from this sacred wood, which has a natural, warm, and rich brown color. The wood is often intricately carved to form the Om/Aum (ओ३म् ) symbol.
  • Symbolism: The Om symbol (ॐ) is a vital and sacred symbol in Hinduism, representing the sound of the universe and the essence of ultimate reality. Crafting the Om symbol from (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood adds an extra layer of sacredness, believed to enhance its spiritual energy.
  • Usage: The (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wooden Om/Aum (ओ३म् ) is commonly used in religious and spiritual contexts. It can be placed in homes, temples, or meditation spaces to invoke positive energy, promote peace, and create a sense of tranquility.
  • Significance: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood is highly regarded in Hinduism for its spiritual properties. It is believed to ward off negative energies and enhance positive energies, making it a preferred choice for crafting sacred symbols like the Om/Aum (ओ३म् ).
  • Artistry: Creating a (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Wooden Om/Aum (ओ३м् ) involves intricate craftsmanship. Skilled artisans carefully carve the wood to form the Om/Aum (ओ३म् ) symbol, ensuring that it retains its original shape and significance.Om swastika
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