Abhimantrit Shriparni Wooden Shriparni Ganesh Ji 3 Inch & 4 Inch


Abhimantrit Shriparni Wooden Shriparni Ganesh Ji 3 Inch & 4 Inch

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  • Shriparni Wooden Ganesh Ji is a sacred idol crafted from the revered Shriparni wood, known for its spiritual significance.
  • This idol symbolizes Lord Ganesha and is believed to provide protection and blessings by removing obstacles in one’s life.
  • It comes in various sizes and may feature intricate detailing, gemstone inlays, and gold leaf embellishments.
  • Shriparni Ganesh Ji is commonly used for daily prayers and rituals, fostering a spiritually charged environment.
  • Believers consider it a source of positive energy, promoting harmony and well-being in homes and temples.
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Product Origin :- India

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Abhimantrit Shriparni Wooden Shriparni Ganesh Ji

  1. Material: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Wood: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood, scientifically known as Gmelina Arborea, is a sacred and highly auspicious wood in Indian culture. It is believed to possess natural, spiritual, and medicinal properties, making it a preferred choice for crafting religious idols.
  2. Craftsmanship: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) artisans skillfully carve the Ganesh Ji idol from a single piece of (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood, ensuring that the natural grains and patterns of the wood are highlighted to enhance the aesthetic appeal. The artisans pay great attention to detail, depicting Lord Ganesha with his distinctive elephant head, multiple arms, and various attributes that symbolize his unique qualities.
  3. Symbolism: Lord Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles, and having a (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Wooden (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Ganesh Ji in one’s home or place of worship is believed to bring blessings and protection from impediments in life. The use of (Shriparni\Shreeparni) wood enhances the spiritual significance of the idol, making it even more powerful for prayers and rituals.
  4. Size and Varieties: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Ganesh idols come in various sizes, from small hand-held versions to larger ones suitable for home altars and temples. Some (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Ganesh idols may have intricate detailing, gemstone inlays, or gold leaf embellishments, adding to their ornate beauty.
  5. Devotional Use: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Ganesh Ji idols are commonly used in homes, temples, and workplaces as a focal point for daily prayers and worship. People often offer flowers, incense, and various offerings to seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings for success, wisdom, and the removal of obstacles in their lives.
  6. Spiritual Benefits: Believers consider the presence of a (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Wooden (Shriparni\Shreeparni) Ganesh Ji to be spiritually auspicious and believe that it radiates positive energy, purifies the environment, and promotes harmony and well-being.
  7. Care and Maintenance: (Shriparni\Shreeparni) idols require minimal maintenance. Regular dusting and occasional oiling with sandalwood or vegetable oil can help maintain the wood’s natural luster.

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3 Inch, 4 Inch

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